LinkedIn Outreach For A GRC Company From Belgium

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A GRC Company From Belgium

LinkedIn Outreach For A GRC Company From Belgium

This time, we did LinkedIn outreach to help a GRC company from Belgium.

Transcendent Group is a Government, Risk and Compliance (GRC) company, that provides security and enables new opportunities for its clients in the public and private sectors. Accordingly, that includes government agencies, businesses and other organisations in a variety of industries.

Moreover, they have some other services as well: Information Security, IT Audit, Internal Audit, ESG, etc.

This company has been established in Stockholm in 2001. Within a short time frame, Transcendent Group has opened offices in 8 countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Our client needed our help to approach their ideal target. First, we researched their prospects, then we made sure to use appropriate LinkedIn filters. Finally, we updated and optimised their two LinkedIn profiles so we could safely start with outreach.

We were targeting GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) positions in every industry in Belgium.

Targeted Location: Belgium, Luxembourg;
We focused on the following industries: Banking, Capital Markets, Construction, Financial Services, Government Administration, Insurance, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Oil & Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive;
When it comes to seniority: We excluded Entry, Training & Unpaid.
Also excluded: PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Ebury.

Total Target: ~3500 contacts

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