LinkedIn Outreach For An IoT Solution

  • LinkedIn Outreach For An IoT Solution

LinkedIn Outreach For An IoT Solution

We did LinkedIn outreach for an IoT solution company based in Missouri, USA.

Hyprcubd is an IoT platform that serves as a one-stop integrated solution. Replacing the need for 15+ IoT tools, they help companies bring their devices to the cloud faster for less.

Their clients get help with device connectivity + management, monitoring, and real-time data visualization for decision-making.

Hyprcubd also provides advanced features like predictive device health data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helps in highlighting important data they might want, but that might be buried in tables, geofencing, alerts, no-code data search, and data prioritization by device. As it comes in, the data can be filtered, transformed, and stored for real-time queries.

Hyprcubd handles data migration for the ones with limited time and can lay code on top of existing structures so their potential clients can sample how Hyprcubd can add value quickly. This way, they can focus on presenting their customers with more features, without having to worry about infrastructure.

To sum up, we decided on starting with the following target audience as ideal for this solution: utilities and consumer electronics companies based in the USA that have 1-10 employees.

When it comes to the decision-makers, we were targeting CEOs, co-CEOs, Owners, co-Owners, Founders, and co-Founders.
We excluded all the entry, senior, training, unpaid, and manager positions. Having in mind Hyprcubd’s solution as well as the target audience, we proposed a 4 messages outreach campaign.

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