LinkedIn Outreach For A Sustainable Lighting Consultant

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Sustainable Lighting Consultant

LinkedIn Outreach For A Sustainable Lighting Consultant

Our team did a great job helping with LinkedIn outreach for a sustainable lighting consultant, based in Germany.

Clear Light GmbH is an expert in smart LED lighting concepts. As a specialist in industrial and logistics lighting, they set new standards in the introduction of LED lamps, especially in the field of intelligent LED lighting. The company has been developing, evaluating and implementing neutral best practice solutions for well-known customers from industry, logistics, trade and administration since 2010.

Founder and managing director Nicolas von Wilcke is one of the few LED consultants and project managers with international knowledge. The ideal product system is determined from a selection of various manufacturers and, if required, accompanied all the way to implementation. The investment risk for the client tends towards zero. But the savings can be up to 90% in energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The client pointed to the following target audience as ideal for their solution: companies that have more than 200 employees from Germany. We will target the automotive, chemicals, machinery, mechanical or industrial engineering and plastics industries.

Decision-makers: Founder, Owner, CEO, Managing Director, Co-owner, Co-founder, COO, Head of Operations, General Manager, CFO, Director of Facilities, Director of Facilities Management, Director of Operations, Director of Sustainability, Director of Warehouse Operations, Energy Efficiency Manager, Energy Project Manager, Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Facilities Manager, Head of Sustainability, Health Safety Environment Officer, Technical Project Manager, Vice President Finance, Vice President Operations, Warehouse Manager.
The LinkedIn campaign was designed according to this target.

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