LinkedIn Outreach For A Software Development Agency

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Software Development Agency

LinkedIn Outreach For A Software Development Agency

We crafted a LinkedIn outreach campaign to help a software development agency in Florida.

Develative is a software development agency helping startups and big companies on the quest of designing, building and shipping products that people use and love. It is a strategic IT partner for companies looking to grow and scale their development teams.

Plug & Play by nature, Develative provides comprehensive support in all areas helping to:

  1. Create product roadmaps and strategies.
  2. Design charming user experiences that users use and love.
  3. Architect client’s products ensuring scalable and hassle-free solutions.
  4. Provide client’s company with staff that’s qualified and ready to work.

We decided on starting the first month with the following target audience: marketing and advertising agencies based in New York that count 1-10 employees.

When it came to the decision-makers, we were targeting CEOs, co-CEOs, Owners, co-Owners, Founders, co-Founders, Managing Directors, and General Managers. The positions had the following seniority level: CXO, Director, Owner, Partner, VP. We started with the prospects that have been active on LinkedIn in the last 30 days.

The LinkedIn campaign was designed according to this target.

Having in mind Develative’s solution as well as the target audience, we proposed 4 messages LinkedIn outreach campaign.

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