LinkedIn Outreach For A Maltese Customer Support Consultant

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Maltese Customer Support Consultant

LinkedIn Outreach For A Maltese Customer Support Consultant

We did a LinkedIn outreach campaign for a customer support consultant, based in Malta.

Chatterborg is one of the leading customer support consultants and a Freshworks partner. Their vision is to empower businesses that want to scale up their business. That is while adding simplification and automation to their customer support processes so that they can provide an awesome customer service experience, without taxing their team. Chatterborg utilises various modern approaches to improve the business process efficiency, reduce costs, and generate new revenue opportunities while adding significant value to the end-user experience.

For this campaign, the entire focus should be on Freshworks.
Freshworks provides organisations of all sizes with SaaS customer engagement solutions that make it easy for support, sales and marketing professionals to communicate effectively with customers. As well as collaborate with team members to resolve customer issues. The company’s products include Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshchat, Freshmarketer and Freshrelease.

The client pointed to the following target audience as ideal for this solution: companies with 10 – 1000 employees from Spain, Portugal and Italy. The targeted prospects should be in the following industries: banking, financial services, computer software, education management, higher education, primary/secondary education, and hospital & health care.

Decision-makers: CEO, CIO, CTO, Customer Support Executive, Customer Support Officer, Director of Customer Experience, Director of IT, Head of Customer Experience, Head of Information Technology, Vice President of Customer Experience, Vice President of Engineering.
To make the messages more personalised and focused, we started with the banking and financial services industries in Spain. The following LinkedIn campaign and messages will be designed according to this target.

TESTIMONIAL: “Good and organised”

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