LinkedIn Outreach For A Digital Marketing Agency Working On The International Market

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Digital Marketing Agency

LinkedIn Outreach For A Digital Marketing Agency Working On The International Market

Our LinkedIn outreach service helped a digital marketing agency get more exposure and engage with more leads.

Kara5 is a strategic digital marketing agency with years of experience working in Switzerland and on the international market.

Kara5’s unique approach to strategy, web and marketing empowers its clients to unlock unique possibilities for sustainable growth and lasting transformation.

In addition, their services include:

  1. Data research (market research, competitor analysis, data insights, segmentation & targeting);
  2. Digital strategy (B2B digital strategy, omnichannel digital strategy, measuring & predicting ROI);
  3. Digital marketing (integrated digital marketing, search & display advertising, remarketing, social media);
  4. Web design (UI web design, UX web design, responsive web design, advanced websites);
  5. Web development (custom web platforms, eCommerce web development, back-end development);
  6. eCommerce solutions (e-commerce consultancy, new eCommerce technology & platforms, eCommerce support);

This campaign was focused on the web design and development service as an entry to Kara5.

Moreover, the client pointed to the following target audiences as ideal for this solution: companies counting up to 50 employees from Switzerland. We were targeting various industries, but we first focused on the manufacturing-related ones: chemicals, electrical/electronic manufacturing, industrial automation, mechanical or industrial engineering. Then, medical devices, machinery, nanotechnology, semiconductors, automotive, aviation & aerospace, building materials, furniture, oil & energy.

Therefore, we started by targeting the prospects that have posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.
Decision-makers: Founder, Co-Founder, Owner, CEO, co-CEO, Co-Owner, Managing Director and General Manager.
Finally, we excluded all the entry, training and unpaid positions.
The LinkedIn campaign was designed according to this target.

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