LinkedIn Outreach For A Cultural Transformation Consultancy

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Cultural Transformation Consultancy

LinkedIn Outreach For A Cultural Transformation Consultancy

We helped a consultancy from France with their LinkedIn outreach efforts regarding their cultural transformation services.

Yinsight is a bespoke consultancy firm helping organisations through their cultural transformation. They provide high-value support by offering a strategic, systemic, and humanistic approach aimed at increasing organisational performance.
Also, their team specialises in sustainable team performance, enhanced collaboration and increased capacity for innovation.

Yinsight consolidates any shaky basics to build a robust system that performs reliably whilst remaining adaptive and resilient.
They coach leaders to identify and clarify the issues they see in their organisation as well as uncover those they do not see.
They give the tools, skills, and support their clients need to embark on a transformation and change journey. Yinsight creates the conditions for their clients’ staff to grow individually and collectively.

The client pointed to the following target audience as ideal for their solution: companies with 50-1000 employees. And within the following industries: automotive, aviation & aerospace, chemicals, food production, furniture, industrial automation, machinery, mechanical or industrial engineering, medical devices, plastics, and railroad manufacture.

Locations: Alicante, Amsterdam, Athens, Baleares, Barcelona, Bari, Berlin, Bristol, Cagliari, Canary Islands, Catania, Corfu, Crete, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Faro, Funchal, Geneva, etc.

Decision-makers: Business Unit Director, Business Unit President, CEO, COO, Director of Continuous Improvement, Director of Engineering, Director of Manufacturing, Director of Performance Improvement, Director of Plant Operations, Director of Process Improvement, Director of Quality Improvement, etc.
All in all, the LinkedIn campaign was designed according to this target.

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