LinkedIn Outreach For A Connected Vehicle Platform

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Connected Vehicle Platform

LinkedIn Outreach For A Connected Vehicle Platform

The project was LinkedIn outreach for a connected vehicle platform from Chicago, USA.

Fueloyal is an automotive IoT and connected vehicle solution provider founded in 2015 in Chicago. It uses self-developed and patented IoT technology. Integrated with a proprietary software analytics platform, it can collect, mine and transform vehicle data to deliver measurable ROI. As well as provide corporations and OEMs with a suite of unique and connected vehicle and business solutions.

The platform consists of 10 modules enabling vehicle OEMs to deploy custom-connected vehicle platforms in less than 90 days at a fraction of the cost.

Fueloyal helps in turning their clients’ vehicles into an IoT hub with the connected vehicle device and collects thousands of real-time data points from multiple sources. Whether the data comes from the ECU or the chassis, Fueloyal can collect gigabytes of data and turn it into ROI-proven functionality. Fueloyal helps OEMs launch their branded connectivity & telematics platforms in months vs years.

Fueloyal can also collect billions of data sets from their clients’ vehicles that they manufacture. The data can be used for R&D purposes and for launching new products for end-users and dealers. It allows clients to track and monitor real-time vehicles and assets from any place in the world.

Their clients can get data about their vehicle, asset and equipment usage to make better business decisions. They can also learn how their company equipment is handled and detect poor usage behaviours in order to reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance costs.

We weren’t targeting based on LinkedIn filters for this campaign. Fueloyal provided us with a prospect database that they have previously tried to reach out to via email. Based on the sample we’ve received, it was a pretty diverse database. The prospects are based on different continents, in different industries, and are in various positions within their companies.

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Chicago, Illinois, USA