LinkedIn Outreach For A Business Consulting Agency

  • LinkedIn Outreach For A Business Consulting Agency

LinkedIn Outreach For A Business Consulting Agency

Our team executed a LinkedIn outreach campaign in order to help a business consulting agency get more clients.

TITAN GROWTH is a digital agency that gave birth to the Titan Accelerator Formula for success and business growth. Titan Growth is founded by Stefaan De Vreese – a well-distinguished entrepreneur and scrum master.
The agency was founded in March 2020 with the sole purpose of helping super busy business owners and CEOs to better manage their work and free time in order to prevent burnout and overwhelm.

The methodology and the formula were born out of frustration and darkness to bring light to businesses that want to grow, and thrive and that aim toward maximum client satisfaction.
Furthermore, this formula was specially designed to help business owners gather the best working team, to stop juggling tons of obligations and struggling to meet deadlines.

Here is a summary of what the TITAN GROWTH FORMULA can do for business owners:

  1. Get more clarity;
  2. Get unstuck from fulfilment;
  3. Empower their team;
  4. Automate their processes;
  5. Grow and scale.

Strategy Sprints is an Austrian consultancy founded in 2017 that helps CEOs to get better clients and regain their freedom. Their Strategy Sprints™ method ensures businesses double their revenue in 90 days. Their certified Strategy Sprints™ coaches help companies to scale faster than ever.

The client pointed to the following target audience as ideal for this solution: companies that are in the Marketing and Advertising industry counting up to 50 employees from the following English-speaking countries – Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.

When it comes to decision-makers, we were targeting only CEOs.
We were only targeting the prospects that have posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.
And finally, we started with the UK and Ireland first.

The LinkedIn campaign was designed according to this target.

Having in mind both Titan Growth and Strategy Sprints as well as the target audience, we proposed a 4 messages outreach campaign.

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Client name

Titan Growth


Ghent, Belgium