LinkedIn Outreach Campaign For A SaaS From Sweden

  • LinkedIn Outreach Campaign For A SaaS From Sweden

LinkedIn Outreach Campaign For A SaaS From Sweden

We did a LinkedIn outreach campaign for a SaaS contract management system, from Sweden.

Trackado is a cloud-based contract management software, which enables users to manage the full contract lifecycle, with milestone tracking, automated deadline & task reminders, contact and business partner records, payment obligation management, revenue insights, and more.

The theory is that there are 2 types of contract software:
The first one is focused on the document itself. Meaning, from the creation of the document, signing, authentication, etc.
Furthermore, the other one is for managing contracts, rather than signing. A database of contracts, with workflow (who needs to sign and when), calendar reminders for renewal, etc.

Trackado is in the second category. Its ideal sweet spot is companies that have between 100 – 1.000 contracts. Frequency is not really important, as they are not involved in signing, but more managing the contracts.

The goal of the campaign was to get clients – either as meetings or for a free trial.

We were targeting Procurement, Category Purchasing and IT positions. Moreover, that were companies based in Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The client had defined 3 buyer personas:
In-house legal – people that need to handle/manage a bigger volume of contracts.
Purchase positions – like purchase manager, category manager, even IT manager.
Operational sales positions – that are responsible for contracts + renewals.

IT decision-makers – they also handle a lot of tech suppliers and need control over their contracts.
Company size: Up to 500 employees.

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