LinkedIn Lead Generation for a Mediation IT Company

  • LinkedIn lead generation for a mediation IT company

LinkedIn Lead Generation for a Mediation IT Company

We used our LinkedIn framework to help with lead generation for a mediation IT company, based in the Netherlands.

SHORE teams help their clients to find nearshore/offshore development teams/developers. They act as mediator offering IT services to clients. However, they don’t provide their clients to get developers in-house but prefer remote solutions.

They have over 100 excellent offshore development partners and therefore thousands of developers available for their clients in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Shore Teams needed our help in order to generate more leads. Therefore, it was necessary for us to know their target.

Their target locations were Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Also, we targeted industries like Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Hospital & Healthcare, IT & Services, Logistics & Supply Chain, etc. Our mutual goal was to get people interested in Shore Team’s services and afterwards, schedule an appointment with them.

At the end of each week, we have been delivering a thorough report.

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