LinkedIn Lead Generation For An Innovative Cloud Platform

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation For An Innovative Cloud Platform

LinkedIn Lead Generation For An Innovative Cloud Platform

Our brilliant team once again executed a successful LinkedIn lead generation for an innovative cloud platform, based in the UK.

OpenCloudBSS platform provides a single place to subscribe to and manage any service or combination of services.

To ensure your success, they deliver software that:

1. Enables your business
2. Delivers Fast Time To Market for new offers & services;
3. Allows to sell and support any product and service;
4. Provides modern, open software architecture.

First, we optimised our client’s LN profile. Specifically, our copywriter and designer managed to update the content in all the sections required, so that would look credible.

After that was done, we agreed to do a 6-month LinkedIn lead generation outreach with the final aim of bringing as many people as possible to an appointment with the CEO.

We worked on the conversation starter messages, tested them and continued with the campaign as usual.

The industries we needed to target: Telco
Geography: Europe, Canada and USA
No. Employees (range): 1-500 (500-1000 optional)

Ideal positions: Founder, CEO, CMO, CIO, CTO and product management roles.

TESTIMONIAL: “I would definitely recommend Bizzbee to any founder or entrepreneur who sees the value of LinkedIn but just doesn’t have the time to manage it.

A few months ago I hired BizzBee to extend my LinkedIn Network with high-quality connections. No sales approach, just building connections and relations.

When they told me about their new service to write posts on my behalf I was directly interested. I wanted to share more with my audience but do not always have the time to write the posts I would like to put on LI.

Their service allows me to connect with my audience, using my story and my messages.”

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