LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Management Consulting Company

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LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Management Consulting Company

ATOL is a Management consulting company delivering affordable and competitive global solutions to B2B companies.
Atol Business Solutions has been established in 2004 in Slovenia, EU and is the headquarters of the Produs Global Growth Network – PGN. Their centres are located in the EU (Poland, Austria and UK), and the Middle East (Dubai). Further on, they expect to open new branches.

The client had an idea to do LinkedIn lead generation using our internal profile. So we partnered with his company in order to promote his consulting services and approach his ideal audience. In addition, we updated our profile in terms of the partnership, also set up the predefined filters as well, and approached Independent consultants in order to find warm leads.

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TESTIMONIAL: “A communication with BizzBee was great! They understood well what is our objective. Their continuous improvement during our Linkedin Lead Generation campaign shows us a dedicated approach.”

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