LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Boutique IT Shop

  • Lead Generation For A Boutique IT Shop

LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Boutique IT Shop

The project was ICP research and lead generation for a boutique IT shop, based in Sofia.

Advanced Vision is a team of IT experts in different technology domains and business professionals. Specifically, they provide very snappy and responsible ICT Services and Solutions in the area of computer security, computer networks, system administration, solution integration, web development and system automation(DevOps).

They have offices in Luxembourg, Malta and Bulgaria.

First, we helped them with identifying their ICP. Therefore, we analysed the market opportunities, competition, trends, etc.

Then, we optimised their LinkedIn profile and offered helpful suggestions for better networking.

Next on the schedule was the campaign. We did a 3-month LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach with the final aim of scheduling as many appointments as possible.

Finally, within those 3 months, we’ve managed to send around 6000 connection invitations, with more than 600 replies and around 20 scheduled appointments for the client.

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Client name

Advanced Vision IT


Sofia, Bulgaria


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