LinkedIn Lead Generation For An IT Solutions & Services Platform

  • IT Solutions & Services Platform

LinkedIn Lead Generation For An IT Solutions & Services Platform

The project was Linkedin lead generation for an IT solutions & services platform, based in New Jersey.

Specifically, the client was building a platform that would merge the IT companies and outsource IT professionals. Their goal was to execute a LinkedIn outreach. And with the final aim of increasing awareness about the company, and scheduling appointments with relevant/target companies. The client didn’t have a LinkedIn profile so we’ve built one from scratch.

API Systems is a comprehensive IT service, solutions, and staff augmentation provider that specializes in helping businesses recognize the power of technology. Furthermore, as a hybrid technology consulting firm and solution provider, their goal is to ensure that every client achieves optimized performance. As well as speed and efficiency throughout all their business processes with state-of-the-art technology solution implementations.

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Parikh Investments, LLC




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