LinkedIn Lead Generation For An IT Company

  • LinkedIn lead generation for an IT company

LinkedIn Lead Generation For An IT Company

Our outreach team in BizzBee did LinkedIn lead generation for an IT company.

One Inside has its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Skopje. They are an IT company that provides software development services. Therefore, they do outsourcing and develop SaaS platforms for their clients.

Their services include: Adobe Experience Cloud, Mobile Apps, Analytics and Personalisation, Marketing Automation, Conversational Marketing and Chatbots, Immersive Experiences.

The CEO of the Macedonian office approached us and explained that they need someone to provide them with extra projects since they don’t have their sales and marketing team in place. In order to find some new potential clients, we started doing LinkedIn outreach for 3 months.

The client’s goal was to connect with companies that might need help with creating SaaS solution since they have a team in-house that is specialized in developing SaaS platforms. Until then, they have been doing projects found by their HQ team in Switzerland, but now they wanted to find new potential clients themselves.

Ideal positions: Owner, CEO, Managing director, Founder;
Alternative positions: decision-makers from the IT department (if available).

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Client name

One Inside


Liestal, Switzerland


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