LinkedIn Lead Generation For An Image Recognition AI

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LinkedIn Lead Generation For An Image Recognition AI

Our team executed LinkedIn lead generation for an image recognition AI, based in The Netherlands.

Pixyle’s image recognition software detects fashion items in images. They help fashion retailers deliver visual AI solutions that allow shoppers to search for products and get relevant similar product recommendations on their e-commerce platforms. Thus, improving both customer engagement and conversion rates.

Our task was to provide the client with Fashion retail companies, fashion-first (a primary category in the shop is clothing and apparel), from DUCH and BENELUX with a size of e-commerce platform – at least 5000 different fashion products.

Furthermore, after we compiled the list of leads – E-commerce managers or above (up to 2 per company) we did a double outreach via Email and LinkedIn. In conclusion, we combined these two platforms, based on the acceptance and response rate.

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