LinkedIn Lead Generation For An AI-Powered Medical Diagnostics

  • Linkedin lead generation for an AI-powered medical diagnostics

LinkedIn Lead Generation For An AI-Powered Medical Diagnostics

Remedy Logic is a SaaS Company that has an AI-powered medical diagnostics & remedy counsel software. Specifically, they are targeting self-insured employers and Health Insurance Companies. 

Self-insured Employers

Location: USA
Industry: Automotive, Retail, manufacturing, aerospace &aviation, food and beverage
Company headcount: 10000+
Titles: Authorization head/ directors/managers, chief medical officer, director/VP of healthcare, director of benefits, healthcare manager, human resources benefits, professional healthcare representative, senior healthcare consultant.

Health Insurance Companies

Location: USA
Industry: Insurance
Keyword: “Health Insurance” OR “Healthcare Insurance” NOT “Government”
Company headcount: 51- 10000+
Titles: VP of medical management, utilization manager, utilization head, medical officer, medical office manager, medical director, medical doctor, director of medical management.

In addition, they were looking to understand the healthcare market in more detail by interviewing health insurance companies, self-insured employers and others. They were offering to pay an expert for each interview that they do with them. The interviews were much targeted. It was not a mass emailing campaign to anyone who would respond, but rather only to hand-picked people.

So, we did a 3-month LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach with the final aim of bringing as many people as possible to an interview with the CEO Andrej Rusakov.

Within those 3 months, we’ve managed to send around 6000 connection invitations, with more than 100 replies and around 30 interested highly targeted leads.

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