LinkedIn Lead Generation For An AI Website Optimisation Company

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LinkedIn Lead Generation For An AI Website Optimisation Company

BizzBee team executed LinkedIn lead generation for an AI website optimisation company, based in Israel.

SpeedSize is a human-brain like AI that does compression of website images and videos. Using this, people can accelerate their loading speed by an additional 50 to 1000% or more.

Faster loading and better-looking images improve conversion. As well as increase Google SEO, decrease bounce rate with the ability to use more videos on your website.

The main target were eCommerce sites. However, it could have been any website that has a high volume of images and videos, such as educational platforms.

They were already running LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns from their LN profiles, so we have agreed on pay per appointment terms by using our LN profiles to promote clients services.

Finally, the aim was to set up appointments – demo call with Decision-makers of eCommerce sites, who are interested in Compressing photos & videos, and improvement of website performance & loading speed.

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