LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Trading Coach

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Trading Coach

LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Trading Coach

This project was executing a Linkedin lead generation for an online trading coach, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Our client teaches his clients how to trade and how to use technical and fundamental analysis.

The client’s specialized process-driven approach makes achievements simpler. Thus, allowing people to stay on track when they may have faltered in the past.

In fact, his business is oriented towards B2C but since he wanted to see if LinkedIn can be used as a Lead Generation tool, in this case, we thought we could give it a try.

His ideal client were prospects that have more than 10k available assets that can be invested in trading.

We did a 3 months LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach, with the final aim of bringing as many people as possible to his landing page where they can subscribe or schedule a call.

TESTIMONIAL: “I’ve been marketing online for a number of years, using the usual suspects including Facebook, YouTube, Ad words, Solo Ads, etc. It wasn’t until I brought on BizzBee to do my Linkedin Marketing, that I was able to get consistent and a solid ROI. Great job, thank you!”

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Client name

Walking Crow Enterprises Inc


Vancouver, Canada


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