LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Property Solution

  • lead generation for a property solution

LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Property Solution

Our diligent outreach team did LN lead generation for a property solution, based in Adelaide, Australia.

Positive Property Solution Australia is a community and set of tools and resources for Australian property investors that are looking to invest in property using low risk, tried and tested methods. To clarify, they specialise in guiding clients step by step through their Property Investments, helping them with building Strategic Investing Plans, ensuring highly positive Geared results and rapidly reducing people’s mortgages by up to 17 years!

In short, the client needed our service in order to find new clients and promote their real estate solution. They were also involved in the whole process – having predefined filters for Sales Navigator search and content for the messages.

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TESTIMONIAL: “Great service, excellent job!”

Client name

Positive property Solution


Adelaide, Australia


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