LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Posture Alignment Coach

  • Lead generation for a posture alignment coach

LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Posture Alignment Coach

Our Outreach team did LN lead generation for a posture alignment coach, based in CA.

VerticAlign Posture Coaching inspires corporations and professionals to improve their posture and eliminate pain through targeted exercise programs. Their speciality is designing workout programs for people to improve their posture and alignment.

As a result of improved posture, their clients eliminate neck, back, knee, hip and other muscular-skeletal pain.

In short, they work with:
HR Directors – With over 80% of Americans experiencing neck or back pain at some point in their lives, and with the cause of this pain usually involving our current desk-bound lifestyles, posture awareness is a critical wellness component for the average employee.

The client offers a very affordable online daily posture coaching program, that is ideal for corporate wellness advocates.
Corporate Wellness Providers – Are you looking for a unique offering to your corporate clients? Try providing a posture “lunch and learn”. A full day of individual posture therapy. Or, an online daily coaching program that can motivate a team of employees to take their posture seriously.

Individuals – If you have neck or back pain that is plaguing you daily, posture therapy is for YOU. They can take a close look at your individual posture and prescribe a specific home-based exercise program. That could resolve your alignment and get you moving pain-free.

Besides, the target was not industry-related, just companies that would like to subscribe to our client’s program for daily desk pain training.

To sum up, we did LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach for 3 months. The final aim was to increase awareness about the brand and the importance of having this in your daily routine.

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