Lead Generation for Communication SaaS Company

  • lead generation within different industries in France

Lead Generation for Communication SaaS Company


Liana is a company that’s using our services for Lead Generation within different industries in France. They use it for their professional online marketing and communications software since March 2016. With other words, our bees’ job was to do lead generation for our client’ communication SaaS.

As a result, our bees have identified, gathered and verified 12.485 contact information, including their e-mail address. Consequently, the leads were Marketing, IT and Management decision-makers in different industries in France.

More specifically, for the task of lead generation for our communication SaaS client, we covered the following industries:

  • Hospitality, Leisure and Automotive industry (France & Hong Kong): 1214 contacts
  • Real Estate (France & Kuwait) and Financial institutions (France) and UAE Events (UAE): 1219 contacts
  • Retail, Cosmetics, Fashion industry, Consumer goods, Luxury goods & Jewelry, Consumer Electronics, Sporting goods, Wine & Spirits: 1702 contacts
  • Telecommunication: 1002 contacts
  • Oil & Energy, Chemicals, Mining & Metals, Plastics: 1274 contacts
  • Health Industries: 1615 contacts
  • Management Consulting and Education Industries: 836 contacts
  • Event organization industry: 927 contacts
  • IT & Computer Software: 1296 contacts
  • Construction and Publishing: 664 contacts

Testimonial: “I was happy to work with BizzBee. They clearly understand the task requirements, always follow the deadlines and provide high-quality results. I recommend them!”

Client name
Liana Technologies