Lead Generation within different industries in France

  • lead generation within different industries in France

Lead Generation within different industries in France


Liana is a company that’s using our services for Lead Generation within different industries in France. They use it for their professional online marketing and communications software since March 2016. As a result, we have identified, gathered and verified 12.485 contact information, including e-mails. Consequently, the leads were Marketing, IT and Management decision makers in different industries in France.

More specifically we have covered the following industries:

  • Hospitality, Leisure and Automotive industry (France & Hong Kong): 1214 contacts
  • Real Estate (France & Kuwait) and Financial institutions (France) and UAE Events (UAE): 1219 contacts
  • Retail, Cosmetics, Fashion industry, Consumer goods, Luxury goods & Jewelry, Consumer electronics, Sporting goods, Wine & Spirits: 1702 contacts
  • Telecommunication: 1002 contacts
  • Oil & energy, Chemicals, Mining & Metals, Plastics: 1274 contacts
  • Health Industries: 1615 contacts
  • Management Consulting and Education Industries: 836 contacts
  • Event organization industry: 927 contacts
  • IT & Computer Software: 1296 contacts
  • Construction and Publishing: 664 contacts

Testimonial: “It was a great pleasure working with BizzBee Solutions! During two years of our cooperation, they have proved themselves as a trustworthy and proactive partner. Communication has always been easy and all of our projects have been accomplished with high quality and in a timely manner. They clearly understand the task requirements, always follows the deadlines and provides high-quality results. Would definitely recommend working with them!”

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