Leads for a B2B Service Provider Company

  • lead generation service for their B2B sales and marketing service

Leads for a B2B Service Provider Company

The key to success is happy customers. And one of those customers for our bees is Boxpilot, a B2B marketing and sales service provider company. Since our first initiated collaboration in 2015, our bees have been working on generating leads for their B2B service provider company, on several different projects. 

Each project carried different demands, such as locating people on a particular job position in a specific industry.

Peek into the tasks our bees performed, on the route of generating leads for our B2B service provider client:

  • Screening an extensive database of companies from data.com, evaluate and grade them whether they are relevant for the client. This request took at total 402h to finish, selecting 8700 companies, with only 2103 passing the evaluation and going to the next step.
  • Searching for IT companies in the USA from angel.co, examining their financial health, and ranking them based on specific criteria. The project took 66 h to close, covering 1785 companies and confirming 1250 as relevant.
  • Research of banks and financial institution in the USA and Canada based on several criteria. The job took 25h to finish, providing 300 companies that fit our client’s requirements.
  • Finding specific C-level and Vice President positions within the given companies. We’ve found 27.641 decision-makers with their e-mail, LinkedIn, and other contact information.
  • Data validation for 5.639 companies, based on industry, employees, revenues, as well as positions within each company.

Testimonial: “BizzBee are a keen company. Eager to help and contribute. Their knowledge exceeds expectation, and all tasks were handled with the utmost of care and consideration, always ahead of schedule. I would certainly rehire.”


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