Lead Generation for a Telecommunications Consultancy

  • Lead Generation for a telecommunications consultancy

Lead Generation for a Telecommunications Consultancy

Our operations team did an awesome job with this lead generation project for a telecommunications consultancy. Put another way, we did data validation and enrichment to an existing database.

Our client – Linimex, is a telecommunications consultancy company –providing best in the class network, voice, data centre and managed cloud services to businesses of all sizes, all around the world. Through their partnership with Colt, they are able to leverage their world-class infrastructure. This is in order to provide the customers with reliable IT services that help them to achieve their business objectives. As well as focus on their priorities.

Linimex provided us with a database of 3000 companies, and our job was to validate the current data and enrich it with a proper contact position and their contact info.

Their target was C-level positions within the companies, such as Director, President, VP.


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