Lead Generation of Sports Startups

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Lead Generation of Sports Startups

On behalf of our client, the BizzBee team performed a B2B lead generation of sports startups.

HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest global ecosystem for sports innovation with more than 40,000 key industry members. The company’s business model is to leverage the platform to grow, from the surging needs of the sports industry to innovate.

They needed help generating leads. Specifically, their goal was 400 leads or 100 per region. The locations observed were Central Europe, Nordic countries, UK and Australia.

We’ve scanned all companies from angel.co in the required regions.
From around 2000 companies from the list, 222 were relevant along with a contact email. Ideal positions within the company were Founder, Co-founder, or CEO.

Additionally, we scraped 2680 company hyperlinks from the F6S startup database, manually cleaned them for relevant companies and contacts.

All in all, we provided 482 Leads. The communication with Hype went perfect, and we are all happy to collaborate again.


TESTIMONIAL: “Great team! Always on time, quality of work really outstanding. Thanks a lot for the hard work!”



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HYPE Sports Innovation




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