Lead Generation of Wholesale accounts

  • Lead Generation of Wholesale accounts

Lead Generation of Wholesale accounts

The client, L&R Timepieces, wants to expand its sales activities internationally. Their main business is sales of luxury and fashion branded watches. They need help in identifying potential clients (online wholesale, retailers), qualifying them based on several criteria, and initiating the communication.

Phase 1: Lead Generation

Based on the criteria, first, we filled the Google sheet with needed companies.

After the lead generation and verification phase, we have a list of contacts with their position, e-mail, and phone.

Phase 2: Qualifications

Furthermore, once we identified the companies, we did a few additional checks before initiating communication:

  • How big are they? (either number of employees, or number of outlets)
  • Type of seller? (online/offline, retailer/wholesaler, watch only/watch as a category)
  • Brands covered? (Name of brands they currently sell)
  • Prices? (Current prices)

Phase 3: E-mail communication

Last, but not least, after the lead generation, we had a list of relevant e-mails which we approached. Additionally, for the communication, we used the client’s domain in order to actively participate as part of the company.


Client name

L&R Timepieces


Arizona, USA