Lead Generation For Digital Solutions Provider From The UK

  • Lead Generation of Recruitment, Financial Services and Insurance

Lead Generation For Digital Solutions Provider From The UK

Our client from the UK, [r]-Cubed Digital Solutions, is a company that is offering solutions for business growth. They needed our Lead Generation service for their digital solutions’ improvement. They wanted us to look for decision-makers in companies based in the UK. Companies from Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Leeds, Birmingham, and London. Furthermore, they needed to be from the Recruitment, the Financial Services, and the Insurance industry.

In this project of lead generation for our client, a digital solutions provider, firstly, we researched for companies in each location listed above. Afterwards, we found the companies that met the criteria and the relevant decision-makers within them. And last but not least, we’ve generated and validated contact information of 250 prospects.

Testimonial: “Great company.”


Client name

[r]-Cubed Digital Solutions


Liverpool, UK


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