Leads for Pet Care SaaS solution

  • Lead Generation of Pet Care leads

Leads for Pet Care SaaS solution

TNW (short for The Next Web) is one of the world’s most significant online publications. It delivers a global perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business, and as well as culture. When they asked our bees for help with generating leads for their pet care SaaS, we couldn’t be more pleased.

With the ambition of creating content for their website, they requested from our bees to research the top innovations worldwide in the fields of health monitoring, personalized nutrition, training and tracking. Innovations that base their solution on data and algorithms generation in the pet care industry. With other words, our bees’ work was to do generate leads for their pet care SaaS solution.

As a result, with a worldwide search, our bees were able to identify 100 technologies across all four fields. Moreover, they managed to identify the contact information of their CEO’s.


Client name

The Next Web


Amsterdam, Netherlands