Lead Generation for IoT, M2M, RF, Smart Building in Israel

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Lead Generation for IoT, M2M, RF, Smart Building in Israel

Our client is a global leader in the delivery of advanced wireless systems and networks. Moreover, it is a leader for solutions for the Roadway and street lighting control and Water resource management. As well as for Advanced metering infrastructure, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. The client needed a Lead Generation of IoT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine-to-Machine), Smart Cities, RF communication (Radio Frequency), Wireless, remote monitoring, Control and Management systems, and Smart Buildings industry companies. Specifically, companies above 500 employees and with a location in Tel Aviv, Israel. Once we identified the company, we looked at specific HR positions within the company.

Long-term collaboration

After successfully completing the task for lead generation for IOT, the client hired us again in March 2017, for Product Sourcing of multivitamins manufacturers in the USA.

Testimonial: “After doing 4 jobs together, Work is consistently excellent no matter how difficult or simple the task. Remarkable internet and market research capabilities. Will use as much as possible.”


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