Lead Generation of Hospital Pharmacies in UAE

  • Lead Generation of Hospital Pharmacies in UAE

Lead Generation of Hospital Pharmacies in UAE

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise that aims to help ill patients access the latest medicines that are not available in their country. Medications that have been approved and are available somewhere else in the world. They are the only organization in the world doing this, and so far, they have helped 11 000 patients worldwide. To increase the number of medications they offer and the number of patients helped, they asked us to expand their list of medicine suppliers. In other words, they asked us to do lead generation for hospital pharmacies in the UAE.

In the amount of time that we had on our hands, we successfully found 50 hospital pharmacies in UAE. Including the contact information from the decision-makers, such as the sourcing managers, directors and hospital pharmacy managers.

All in all, we loved going the extra mile and doing a lead generation of hospital pharmacies for such a short time. We were well aware of the potential benefits that our effectiveness could bring. We like to think we played our part while delivering in the planned timeline.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions are amazing! The job was done very professionally and on time. Will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs the highest quality work. Looking forward to working with your team again!”


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