Lead Generation of CFOs from Utah

  • Lead Generation of CFOs in the State of Utah

Lead Generation of CFOs from Utah

Our client from the USA, Blackline Savings, is a team of cost reduction experts that can quickly determine how their clients can increase their cash flow and reduce their expenses. They needed Lead Generation of CFOs that they can load into their Hubspot CRM. Our mission was to call/email them to generate appointments or with other words, to do cold outreach.

They were targeting companies in many different industries in the State of Utah. Moreover, they targeted their best person aka their “ideal client” to contact about Finance in the companies.

As a result of the Lead Generation of CFOs, we managed to create a database of 275 CFOs. As well as Controllers, VPs of Finance and Accountants from the State of Utah.

Testimonial: “5-star feedback”


Client name

Blackline Savings


Utah, USA


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