Lead Generation – LinkedIn leads

  • LinkedIn leads Market Research of all Governmental Institutions and Departments

Lead Generation – LinkedIn leads


The client needed our Lead Generation service for their private equity business. With our b2b lead generation process, we needed to find new LinkedIn leads from Australia and Singapore. The leads are companies that will match strict criteria and a specific position within each shortlisted company.

The process & the result

Our job included finding the relevant companies and positions. In addition, we were initiating communication via LinkedIn. For this reason, we were also sending messages to targeted executives and inviting them for meetings. Ultimately, the project lasted 5 months with a delivery of 1150 leads that responded to our marketing campaign as a result.

Testimonial: “We’ve used BizzBee LinkedIn services to get access to private equity business in Australia and Singapore -– companies that will match strict criteria, and specific position within each shortlisted company. They’ve did a fantastic job and we would surely keep on working with them.”

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