Lead Generation For A Restaurant In Berlin

  • lead generation for a restaurant in berlin

Lead Generation For A Restaurant In Berlin

Our team executed high-quality lead generation for a restaurant in Berlin.

Beets & Roots is a restaurant in Berlin, Germany. What makes them different from many others is that they prepare their own food.  In other words, they don’t buy from other restaurants. Beets & Roots are also adamant about using only fresh ingredients.

The client wanted to target companies for organising events, office lunches, catering and food delivery. They wanted us to screen the market and find companies from Hamburg that would be interested in ordering food from their food platform. We screened the market in Hamburg and we delivered large lists of leads. Based on their ideal target criteria, we looked for Office Manager, Employee Engagement, Happiness Officer, Event Manager, Assistant, Project Manager, Community Manager, Front Desk, HR. All in all, they were looking for around 500 companies in total.


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Client name

Beets & Roots


Berlin, Germany