Lead Generation for Outdoor advertising company

  • Lead Generation of Outdoor advertising company

Lead Generation for Outdoor advertising company

The client is an outdoor advertising company, roadside billboards and had a need for our Lead Generation service. He needed us to find all the Uni’s, Colleges, UTC’s and Grammar Schools within the given cities. They needed to use billboards to advertise open days, student recruitment, etc. Also, they needed to generate contact information of the top marketing person within each establishment. Following his criteria and the list of the cities given, we successfully identified 200 companies with 200 contacts.

Satisfied with the outcome, he came back with another Lead Generation project. This time the client was looking for Media Buying Agencies and the personal contact information for each Media Buyer or Managing Director within each agency. Following the criteria, a total of 137 companies with 200 unique contacts were identified and contact information was generated and verified.

Testimonial: “Excellent company to work with, fast turnaround, very professional and will be using them again.”


Client name

Outdoor advertising company


United Kingdom