Lead Generation for Leadership Consultant

  • Lead Generation for Different industries in Australia

Lead Generation for Leadership Consultant

Our bees have been working with McEncroe Group, since January 2015, on several projects for lead generation for our leadership consultant client.
They required the contact information list of the decision-makers in specific companies in Australia.

The process and results

With more than 80 hours worked, our bees managed to do lead generation for our leadership consultant client. They delivered the following results:

  • Crafted a database of the biggest 200 companies in Australia, (100 public and 100 private) that have over 500 employees.
  • Created a list of the best 50 companies in Australia that have up to 150 employees, along with their decision-makers and HR people.
  • Delivered a monthly list for six months, of 50 companies based in Sydney, that have 50-200 employees. The list included the contact information on their decision-makers.
  • Found the top 200 companies among Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth together, along with the contact information of their decision-makers.

Testimonial: “I found BizzBee Solutions to be a very effective company, easy to deal with and with skills that were higher than I had expected. Their communication was excellent and they have good business acumen. I heartily recommend them.”

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