Lead Generation for a Bin-Cleaning Company

  • Lead generation for a bin-cleaning company

Lead Generation for a Bin-Cleaning Company

This project was compiling a database or lead generation for a bin-cleaning company. BinPros is a locally owned and operated, eco-conscious trash and recycling bin cleaning business. They offer highly specialised cleaning equipment. Their services include cleaning, sanitising, and deodorising your garbage bins. Accordingly, Bin Pros needed our Lead Generation service so they can have a list of names and emails for a project they were working on.

The goal of this project was to generate contacts of decision-makers in property management companies, homeowners, associations and builders for BinPros to do some marketing to. They wanted to sign up these large clients for their garbage can cleaning services. Their target industry was Real Estate, in Utah.

We did the project fairly quickly. As a final result, we delivered a list with 100 companies and 132 contacts.

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TESTIMONIAL: “Will use again. 10/10. Very professional.”


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Bin Pros


Utah, USA


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