Lead generation on Public Companies in Hong Kong

  • Lead generation and E-mail marketing

Lead generation on Public Companies in Hong Kong

The client needed our Lead Generation and e-mail marketing service. They required from our bees to reach out to public companies and identify the ones that are looking for capital/funding.  In short, our client requested lead generation on public companies in Hong Kong, according to specific criteria. With the help of e-mailing and cold calling.

The process and results

Besides the criteria of being public companies, they needed to have a minimum market cap of 100M USD and a minimum average weekly dollar volume of 1M USD. Within these companies, the desired positions were CFO, CEO, COO, and Chairman.

Next, once we identified a company with a successful approach, we passed on the warm lead to the client’s sales team. With that, our bees’ role in the lead generation of public companies, came to an end.


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