Lead Generation and Warm Leads

  • Lead Generation and Warm Leads

Lead Generation and Warm Leads

SmartEvents is an event organizing company that creates and manages professional business events, training, seminars, conferences etc.  Each event has a different topic that targets specific industries or people in a specific position. They needed our help with identifying warm leads. For this purpose, we built a separate list of contacts, interested in attending each of these events.

List 1: 807 contacts. Then, from List 2: 165 contacts and consequently, from list 3: 486 companies, 871 personal emails (complete cycle), 1035 generic emails.

Warm Leads

Later, we sent a trail of e-mails to these contacts, asking their interest in attending the event and then we transferred each response we received to their sales team for closure.

Testimonial: “We have worked with BizzBee on several events over the past years and they’ve truly helped us develop and implement our LinkedIn marketing campaign in order to get our message across to the right professionals from all parts of Europe. Their project managers were very responsive, flexible and lovely to work with!”


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Smart Events