Industry Overview And A Competition Analysis For A Software Solution

  • industry overview and a competition analysis

Industry Overview And A Competition Analysis For A Software Solution

LiveTracking is a real-time, cloud-based, access-from-anywhere software solution. In addition, that helps companies understand how their line operations are running from anywhere and understand the data behind their business like never before. Our job was to do Market research, Industry overview and a Competition analysis based on a list of competitors from the client.

Specifically, the goal was to find out the size of the Manufacturing industry in North America. More precisely around Toronto, Canada. To be even more specific – about Food & beverage industry as part of Manufacturing. We needed to focus on how many manufacturers there are, trends in tech, how much they use solutions for digitalization as this one, etc.

As for the Competition analysis, the client has provided us with a list of companies that were their competitors. Based on that we need to do the research. The list was divided into direct, indirect and related competitors. The client was more focused on the direct competitors, but they also wanted snapshots of the related competitors as well. Therefore, we needed to include direct and related companies in the research for the competition only.


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