Growth Solution For A Business Workflow Software Company

  • Growth solution for a business workflow software company

Growth Solution For A Business Workflow Software Company

Our team at BizzBee used our Growth solution to help a business workflow software company, based in the USA.

The client offers an integrated and modular “Business Operating System” for specific client needs. Moreover, they have been cooperating with a company called Magna with hundreds of plants across the globe. They are currently working with a few plants and planning to reach out to others and propose cooperation.

IntellaQuest is a software engine that is highly configurable to manage any business process:
– Quality Management
– EHS Management
– Supplier Management
– Training Management
– Contractor Management
– Asset Management
– Audit Management
– Project Management
– New Product Development / Innovation Management
– Risk/Compliance Management
– Engineering Management
– Warranty Management
– And much more…
One system for all your business processes…

To sum up, the client provided a list of 3000 leads from different Magna plants, which was validated and enriched by us.  After that, the moment the list was ready, we executed  LinkedIn and Email outreach within a 3-month period, with the final aim of scheduling as many appointments as possible.

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