Growth Solution For A SAP Support Provider

  • Growth Solution For A SAP Support Provider

Growth Solution For A SAP Support Provider

Our team of experts applied our growth solution to help an SAP support provider from Ontario, Canada.

Innovapte offers custom business management solutions that fit their client’s business models and align with their business goals. They are an experienced team of SAP experts who integrate technology and business solutions to help their clients better manage their environment. Innovapte has the perfect combination of years of experience in business management, and first-rate SAP technical and functional experience with the best practices to optimize the financial growth and success of their client’s business.

Innovapte can also provide education and training opportunities to help our prospects maximize the full potential of their SAP software. Innovapte’s team is here to support them in every aspect of their SAP implementation, to help bring their company to the next level.

Innovapte provided us with a prospect database, for which we did the qualification part. Furthermore, the database consisted of ~300 prospects. The prospects were decision-makers and IT professionals. The companies are all Canadian and have more than 10 employees and 5M+ revenue. We assume that they already have SAP in place.

Having in mind Innovapte, as well as their target audience, we proposed 7 messages outreach campaign. First, we’ve started by sending 4 LinkedIn messages. To the ones that wouldn’t connect with us on LinkedIn, or will connect with us, but wouldn’t engage with any of the messages, we were sending them 3 additional email messages.

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