Growth Solution For A Real Estate Company

  • Growth Solution For A Real Estate Company

Growth Solution For A Real Estate Company

Our outreach team applied our growth solution to help a real estate company in Spain.

Ideal House Factor is a property development company, based in Ibiza. Most of their past work has been done there. Their projects implement modern methods of construction which improve the time, cost, and quality of the project. Their clients benefit from all of that. Ideal House Factor is now expanding their company to the whole of Spain and other major European cities.

We have made ICP research to determine the target audience. A database of 500 prospects was constructed accordingly.

Having in mind Ideal House Factor as well as their target audience, we proposed a 7 messages outreach campaign. First, we started by sending 4 LinkedIn messages. To the ones that wouldn’t connect with us on LinkedIn, or will connect with us, us but wouldn’t engage with any of the messages, we were sending them 3 additional email messages.

We continued with the email campaign, one week after the last LinkedIn follow-up was sent to the ones that have accepted our LinkedIn connection request. To the ones that wouldn’t accept, we started the email sequence 2 weeks after the LinkedIn invitation was sent. The email follow-ups were also sent with a couple of days’ delay.

Industry(s): Venture Capital & Private Equity, Investment Management, Financial Services.
Location(s): Spain, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, UK.

Ideal positions: In the Family Offices, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Investment Officer are the two positions that are deemed the most appropriate for contact.
For the Investment Management sector, multiple positions were deduced as important. The key positions for contacting were the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and the Heads and Managers of Portfolios and Investments.


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Client name

Ideal House Factor


Ibiza, Spain