Growth Solution For A Laboratory Equipment Software

  • Growth Solution For A Laboratory Equipment Software

Growth Solution For A Laboratory Equipment Software

We applied our growth solution to help a laboratory equipment software from Leonding, Austria.

Certos supports laboratory & industry device manufacturers in developing HMI and server solutions to manage their devices with a focus on FDA compliance and remote maintenance/diagnostics. Moreover, they have over 60 years of lab industry experience and over 10 years in software development. Also, leading manufacturers have already chosen Certos to rapidly develop powerful software solutions.

The development of the HMI and connectivity IT for a laboratory device has its own unique challenges and requirements. Their experts from CERTOS offer consultancy through to complete solutions for the development of laboratory equipment. Having years of experience, they help with the design, implementation, and certification of laboratory equipment, and software according to FDA, GMP, and GLP.

To sum up, Certos offers a lot of benefits to any manufacturer of laboratory and scientific equipment:

  1. Short time to market;
  2. Low-risk development process;
  3. Laboratory equipment specialization;
  4. Ground-breaking value creation for end-users;
  5. Ease of adoption;
  6. Cost-effective solution.

We were continuously working on building a prospects database on Hubspot. Since assigned to the respective companies, we don’t have total control of the targeting. However, the targeted companies were supposed to be laboratory and scientific equipment manufacturers. The majority of the companies we’ve prospected were from North America. We are primarily looking for contacts that were in C-level and R&D positions. If there weren’t any, the alternative positions were going to be operations and sales related.

Keeping in mind Certos, as well as their target audience, we proposed a 7 messages outreach campaign both on LinkedIn and via Email.

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Leonding, Austria