Growth Program For An Award-Winning Cloud-Tech Company

  • Growth program for an award winning cloud tech company

Growth Program For An Award-Winning Cloud-Tech Company

Cloud Kinetics is an award-winning cloud-tech company, headquartered in Singapore.  They are a premium provider of Digital Solutions that enable their customers – Enterprises, Media service providers and ISV’s- to realize their digital transformation objectives, with minimal dependence on infrastructure elements. In addition, they create, design and build scalable digital media sites and Mobile Apps to serve global audiences, backed by their expertise in powering some of the top Digital and Mobile Entertainment Platforms.

The purpose of the project was to promote their services to a new potential target of companies – SMEs, from 11-200 employees in Singapore and Thailand. 

First, we have conducted market research in order to find out our client’s ICP. Then we analysed the industry and targeted positions in the chosen countries. Additionally, we wrote the copy for the campaigns, then used them for outreach. According to the research and insights from the client, we also created a database with contacts (3678 in total) in the targeted industries, countries, and employee ranges. Finally, we launched the campaigns in accordance with the plan. As usual, for the outreach, we used two channels: LinkedIn and Email, for a period of 3 months.

Target 1:
They are running on-premise infrastructure and:
a. looking for Tech refresh in hardware
b. are considering a cost-effective solution for their data centre
c. are thinking about reducing capital expenses, in building and managing data centres

Target 2:
They are a born-in-cloud company or have already migrated to the cloud and are looking for a Managed Services Partner to manage their cloud assets.

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Client name

Cloud Kinetics Tech Pte Ltd