Growth Program For An AI-Based FinTech

  • growth program for an AI-based FinTech

Growth Program For An AI-Based FinTech

Our bees have been working on a Growth Program for an AI-based FinTech from Luxembourg.

FINEON Exchange is a B2B marketplace built on a Fintech platform where exporters can seek offers for their export receivables from funders who are willing to provide finance and insurers who are prepared to offer cover.

Their platform is open to SMEs, corporates, banks, credit insurers, ECAs, rating agencies, brokers, trade bodies & chambers of commerce.

Ideal Client Profile researching approach:

  1. Overview of the information available on the Fintech landscape;
  2. Overview of FINEON’s clients;
  3. Research on other potential industries/types of companies that might have the need for FINEON’s Fintech platform;
  4. Competition Analysis – try to identify the funders (the type of organizations, establishments etc. that provide funding for Invoice Factoring services);
  5. LinkedIn Overview;

We have done a growth trial project for 45 days. Within this time slot, we created a database of 500 leads and did Linkedin & Email outreach campaign (Growth Service).

We also sent LN invitations to all of them, with more than 50 replies and 10 scheduled appointments for the client.

Check out BizzBee’s Growth Formula!

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FINEON Exchange




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