Growth Program For A Language Teaching Software Company

  • growth program for a language teaching software

Growth Program For A Language Teaching Software Company

BizzBee team gathered once again to execute our well-known Growth program for a language teaching software company.

Sanako is a tech company providing language teaching tools (language labs and software) for secondary and higher education. Their corporate headquarters is in Turku, Finland, and they have an impressive network of over 100 dedicated partners and resellers across the globe. The end-customer is usually a high-school or university or similar education institution that provides language education. Also, Sanako Connect transforms passive language classes into an active speaking-based environment.

We were thrilled to collaborate with Sanako and help them achieve their goals. First, we started with collecting email lists for these schools, so we could contact them and upsell them to their newest products. In addition, after getting the contact data for our existing customer list we were looking to generate completely new leads.

To sum up, the preferred industries were: Education Management, Higher Education, Primary/Secondary Education;
As for the location: Sweden, Norway, Denmark;

Ideal positions: Foreign language teacher, Language teacher, Language instructor, Language/s Department Chair/Chairperson. 1-3 prospects per company.


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