Market Research of Women Fashion Industry

  • market research of women fashion industry

Market Research of Women Fashion Industry

Our client Henosis Trading Limited, wanted to launch a Social-Fashion-E-Commerce Portal in Hong Kong. This portal would recommend various clothes and accessories combinations to the shoppers and they can also combine a whole look based on their taste before buying. In addition, they can share their combination with the community and get their opinion. Apart from this, a fashion-related news feed would be available. In essence, the client needed Market Research of the women fashion industry in the ASEAN countries.

The process and results

In order for our client to implement his idea, he needed market research of the women fashion industry to determine whether his idea is actually feasible. For this purpose, we scanned this industry in the ASEAN countries and analyzed the customer’s profiles, competitions, and pricing. The final report outlined the industry and the potential of the gap/opportunity.


Client name

Henosis Trading Limited


Hong Kong


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