Market Research for Diamond E-commerce Company

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Market Research for Diamond E-commerce Company

My Diamond Expert is a new company from England that mediates buying and selling diamonds online. The company offers two services. The “Get Money” service which enables people across the UK to sell their diamonds. As well as the “Save Money” service that helps people buy or invest in diamonds. They needed us to do in-depth market research for their diamond E-commerce.

They wanted an investigation of their competitors and customers to determine the best way to position themselves and effectively approach their customers. We focused the market research for our client’s Diamond E-commerce on both the buying and selling side as separate services.

We placed a special emphasis on the competition analysis, including the direct competitors as well as the indirect competitors. 

Last but not least, we identified the top 10 competitors and analyzed the top 3.


Client name

My Diamond Expert Limited


Doncaster, UK


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