Creating a Strategic Report for Australian Client

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Creating a Strategic Report for Australian Client

On first thought, creating a strategic report seems like a piece of a cake. You sit down and brainstorm your ideas on a whiteboard, and next step – Growth Land. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but that could happen only in a movie. The creation of an outstanding strategic plan requires much more sweat than that.
That’s why we were so excited when our client Mount Alexander Shire Council, requested our bees’ help with creating their strategic report.

The process and result

Our bees’ work started with an extensive external PEST analysis. The next logical step they took was Porter’s five forces analysis.
After the external review, it was time for an internal examination, followed by the famous SWOT analysis. And they were finally able to set up their strategic objectives.

After carefully analyzing the company, we were able to see how well they deal with their internal and external environment and whether they are achieving their objectives.
Based on the broad research, our bees were able to write a performance review as part of the strategic report.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions are great and hard workers. Would use again if needed.”


Client name

Mount Alexander Shire Council – Parks and Gardens




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